Friend Edits and Releases My Photo

‘‘My photo was edited by a friend who was very close to me. I couldn’t believe it when I found out,” said the woman whose photo was edited and posted on an ethical violation website.

A girl named Jodie (changed) says she was shocked when she learned that her photos were being edited and deep fake and posted on a porn website.

She told the BBC how she felt when she learned that the perpetrator was a close friend she trusted.

Warning: We would like to warn you first that this article contains words and expressions related to sexual harassment.

Jody (not her real name) is sent a porn video site in 2021 by a human delivery man. It was sent to him through an anonymous email account.

When she clicked on the delivery, she said she saw something that made it difficult for her to believe. A woman with a photo of herself watched a video showing her sleeping with men.

She noticed that her image had been digitally faked and embedded in another woman’s body.

This was after her exact photos were taken from her social media accounts by someone who wanted to harm her, using technology to cover Jodie’s forehead with women having sex.

So, the women in the video on the site looked like Jody.

Jody, who is also in her mid-20s, said of her first experience: ‘‘I couldn’t believe what I saw. He looked at his cell phone with a sad expression. I knew this would ruin my life to the end,” she says.

While wandering around, Jody suddenly sees a picture and realizes what’s happened.

A series of events

This is not the first time Jodi has been subjected to such abuse online.

Four years ago, in 2021, Jody’s photo was posted on apps without her consent with the caption that she was a prostitute.

In one post, he showed her naked under the headline “What would you do if you found Jodi?”

A made up ‘Deepfaken’ picture

It didn’t take long for him to notice that a picture of Jodi’s forehead was taken from her social media and edited to be posted on another woman’s body and posted on Twitter (now called X).

She realized that someone was doing this to hurt her.

However, she only shared her photos on social media with family members and close friends, and the man who wanted to harm her had learned how he got her photos.

Meanwhile, she discovered that the Twitter account (now called X) that posted her pictures also posted pictures of other women she knew.

So she thought the person behind the act would be known to her and the women whose photos were posted.

Jody started meeting other women whose pictures were posted in the media. One of them was Daisy, whom she met at university.

‘‘I was in pain when I first saw it. As we investigated the matter in depth, we started getting other pictures,” Daisy said.

Resisting in return

Jody and Daisy began to identify someone who could find pictures of the two of them on social media.

They finally agreed that the person behind the act could be Jody’s ex-partner.

Jodi tried to confront her about how this happened. Both women blocked Jody’s ex-partner from their social media accounts.

For a few months, posts with their photos stopped being distributed. But it had not continued as it had stopped.

A few months later, Jody received an email from an anonymous source.

He was sent an anonymous message

When she opened the delivery, she found herself doing the same thing.

After blocking her ex-boyfriend who posted the photo on social media, she realized that it was someone else who did it.

Jody and Daisy met and began listing family and friends who said they couldn’t do this. Their process helped them identify the suspect.

In such a situation, the anonymous re-emails another delivery person.

The delivery contained another edited photo. Again she saw her real face printed on another woman’s body.

As soon as she saw the picture, she could tell something. Her edited photo also revealed where and with whom she was photographed.

She posed for that picture in front of King’s College in Cambridge with Alex Wolff, who she says is her closest friend. After they took the picture together, he shared it only with him.

‘The ultimate criminal act’

She had this picture with Alex Wolff

“It was unbelievable,‘‘ says Jodi as her friend realizes what is behind the act that could have ruined her life.

“If I had lost my identity in such a way, it would have been Alex who would have comforted me,” she says.

“Women in particular are well aware of the abuse they suffer online.

“I considered him a women’s rights activist,” she says of her close but unknown friend.

After Jody took the matter to court, 26-year-old Alex Wolff was convicted of posting photos of 15 women, including Jody’s, on the Internet.

He was sentenced to 20 weeks in prison and to pay £100 in compensation to each of the women he injured.

Woolf told the BBC he was “very ashamed and sorry for what he had done”.

‘‘And I think about it in action every day. I have no doubt that I will continue to regret it for the rest of my life,” he apologized to Jodi and other women.

For Jody, however, it was the “ultimate shame” that the perpetrator was a close friend.

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