Death of Bete Urgesa

It has been announced that the police have arrested the suspects in connection with the death of Bete Urgesa, the top leader of the ONL, who was found murdered in the Meki town of East Showa Zone on Wednesday morning. As reported by the government media, referring to the Eastern Shewa Zone Police Command, 13 suspects have been arrested in the surveillance so far.

Repeated attempts by Voice of America to check with East Shoa Zone Police Department and Miki City Police officials were unsuccessful. The political officer of the ONG was killed in Te Urgesa SEE ALSO:
The political officer of the ONG was killed in Te Urgesa
In other news, two members of Mr.

Bete’s family have been arrested, a close relative who asked not to be named for security reasons said, “Yesterday, after the funeral, one of Bete Urgesa’s brothers and one sister were arrested by the police. Bete’s sister, Sambo Urgesa, was released around one o’clock. But his brother was taken to the defense camp in the Gabriel area, which is called the fast road.

This close relative added that why Mr. Milo was arrested, nothing has been disclosed to the family members. Bete Urgesa’s brother Milo Urgesa, who was arrested, spoke to Voice of America about the murder.

International institutions continue to condemn Mr. Te Urgesa’s murder. The European Union ambassador in Addis Ababa, Roland Kobia, and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, have called for the killing to be investigated quickly, efficiently and thoroughly, and those responsible should be identified and brought to justice. Ambassador Kobia, the confirmation of legal responsibility in connection with Mr. Bete’s murder, paves the way for further reconciliation and reconciliation. He said.

Darren Welch, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Ethiopia and the United Kingdom’s representative to the African Union, condemned the killing on their social media pages. He mentioned the need for political dialogue for the security problem of the Oromia region, which he described as a “cycle of conflict”. He pointed out that giving justice to such killings is one of the steps that open the way for speech. He said.

The United States Department of State’s African Bureau and the United States Committee on Foreign Affairs issued statements calling for legal accountability in connection with the killing of Mr. Te Urgesa.

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