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Ethio Telecom’s recent deployment of fifth generation (5G) mobile services in Dire Dawa marks a major milestone in the Ethiopian telecommunications landscape. As the state-owned operator continues to expand its 5G network, it reinforces the country’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to drive economic growth and improve public safety.

With the latest announcement, Dire Dawa joins Addis Ababa, Adaama, and Jigjiga as the fourth city in Ethiopia to receive 5G connectivity. The expansion of 5G services to Dire Dawa underscores Ethio Telecom’s commitment to bridge the digital divide and ensure that urban centers across the country have access to state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure.

Ethio Telecom’s decision to launch 5G in Dire Dawa reflects its strategic vision to enhance connectivity and empower communities. By providing high-speed internet in key locations such as Sabian High School, Ashewa Marketplace, Kezira tele, B-Capital Hotel, Dire Dawa Poly Technic College, Tesfa Hotel, and Dire Dawa University, the telecom operator facilitates greater educational opportunities exists , business, and innovation.

The deployment of 5G technology has the potential to transform a variety of sectors including education, healthcare, agriculture, and commerce. With its ultrafast speeds, low latency and high capacity, 5G enables real-time communication, immersive virtual experiences, and widespread adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. As a result, businesses can optimize their operations, governments can provide more efficient services, and individuals can access information and services more seamlessly than ever before.

Furthermore, Ethio Telecom’s successful rollout of 5G in Dire Dawa follows the impressive financial performance of the company, which reported a net profit of 11 billion birr from half-year operations. The strong financial performance not only underscores the resilience and efficiency of Ethio Telecom but also demonstrates the huge demand for telecom services in Ethiopia.

Looking ahead, the expansion of 5G services in Dire Dawa will facilitate innovation and continued growth of the digital ecosystem in Ethiopia. Leveraging the transformative potential of 5G technology, Ethio Telecom is poised to drive socio-economic growth, foster digital inclusion, and unlock new growth opportunities across the country.

In conclusion, Ethio Telecom’s launch of 5G in Dire Dawa represents a pivotal moment in Ethiopia’s journey towards a more connected and prosperous future. By embracing the possibilities of 5G technology, the nation reaffirms its position as a leader in the digital revolution, paving the way for greater innovation, collaboration and prosperity for all its citizens.

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