Wachamo University

Wachemo University?

An investigative report by “Fana” showing the most unusual embezzlement of public funds and resources, which was said to have been taking place at Wachemo University, was recently released to the public. Money to be stolen in the form of allowance:

The funds of the institution are embezzled in the form of allowances. For example, two finance group leaders paid themselves huge bonuses. The person named Mr. Lema was paid an allowance of 1,496 days in just 6 months, which means 1,56,854 birr.

Ato Sadha Deboc also received 940 days allowance. How many days’ allowance did you take Mr. Joy? They said, “I took 790 days.” Did you take it? When asked by the investigative journalist, they said, “I didn’t take it.”

Mr. Has the allowance of 1,496 days been credited to your account? When asked, they replied, “This is a mistake.” Markos Yohannes, the financial director of the institution, said, “I was on leave for many months. It was only after I came on sick leave that I heard something like this.” But Ato Sadha doesn’t agree with this. Mr. Markos said that he was sick at home for only 2 months and the information that came out was for 5 months. They exposed that he did it himself for 3 months.

Mr. Sadata, who previously said, “I did not take an allowance,” said that he worked for 3 months himself. Are you saying he was paid? When they were asked, they replied, “What? There may be something that I was paid as part of my work.” The president of the university, Habtomu Abebe (Dr.), said, “We have returned what was brought by the external audit as confirmed by documents. The employees have been suspended from work. They are also being questioned by discipline. The check-up of the transaction brought by our audit is being monitored so that it can be investigated by law.”

When they were told that the financial system seems to have a gap, they replied, “Absolutely, absolutely!” About the project that cost more than 1 billion Birr: More than 1.4 billion Birr was spent in an opaque manner for oxygen production.

In this case, the president and the finance director gave conflicting responses to each other. The finance director states that the funds are being moved without their knowledge. They said that when the payment was made, they did not have the document and they were not involved.

The finance director said, “I have not been given detailed information; I see and hear that it is moving.” They said that I did not move the money. But the president replied that the budget of the oxygen project was driven by finance. The finance director said that the payment was made without my knowledge. Former Vice President Tsedke Lambore (Dr.); He stated that the issue of the account mainly concerns the President.

240 million 988 thousand Birr was awarded to the contractor who supplied the oxygen production equipment without bidding. Although full payment has been made to the company, the stretch is not finished and the work is not done. It’s been 2 years since it started.

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