Fake youtube account in ethiopia

The Addis Ababa Police has announced that they have started arresting #YouTubers who threaten public safety by spreading offensive stories/rumors that are against the good culture and tradition of the society just to make money on social media.

6 individuals suspected of renting an office in a building called “Amara and his family” in Yeka sub-city district 8 and opening various YouTube pages and spreading creative stories that harm the psyche of the community were arrested by public suggestion and police surveillance. At present, the investigation of the District/City Police Department is being investigated.

Among those who were arrested, the person named Temple Lamp Officer: Rohe, Diversity, taste, New World, style, Life, It is said that she was the manager of YouTube pages called – View, and Unit Life. An individual named Brock Workneh Getaswe was managing the pages as deputy manager and coordinator.

Nathaniel Abera Bekele, Jerusalem Asmara Mehret and Mehret Yasin Tiga were the program presenters and Nathaniel Yohannes Ashenefi was working as a cameraman. In addition to the 8 YouTube pages mentioned above, it was pointed out that two other YouTube pages named #Khloot and #Single were also creating fake rumors on the same building.

After the police arrested the suspects based on the tips received from the public and their surveillance, the electronic equipment used to record and distribute fabricated rumors was seized from their office on the 8th and 13th floor of the building where they were renting. During investigation, it was confirmed that the individuals do not have the legality certificate or permission from the relevant body to distribute the information.

These suspects spread the false and fabricated rumors by paying money to the individuals who would leave the story, and the police found 3 other people who were called for filming to make a fabricated story that they didn’t know about at the time and did not have the information.

The Addis Ababa Police stated that other individuals who create confusion in the society by spreading such false stories in an attractive manner have been identified and the monitoring work has been intensified to arrest them.

Ethio Teacher
“Teachers are getting tired, they come into the classroom carrying grievances and find it difficult to shape a generation” – Yohannes Benti (Dr.) The Ethiopian Teachers’ Association told Tikvah Ethiopia that the biggest cause of salary-based complaints in various regions of Ethiopia is the problem of good governance. The president of the association, Yohannes Benti (Dr.)

what are they saying The complaints raised by teachers in different regions have not only been noticed this year, but they are still going on without being resolved even though there is a sabbatical. Why could not solve the problem?

“That’s right. It is a problem of good governance. This problem of good governance is becoming national. Teachers have also become a taster of this phenomenon. We are talking to someone who believes that an evaluation checklist should be done. The problem with teachers in particular is related to generation. Teachers are longing, grieving, complaining and going into the classroom and struggling to shape a generation. The problem needs to be fixed quickly. “

Q. What do you mean by “good governance problem”? If you make it clear? “One is payment. After all, teachers are government employees. They should be able to get monthly salary on time.

Complaints like cutting salaries without convincing teachers for development are coming and going. These are a few of the many. If these problems can be solved in principle, the others will be solved gradually. “

Q. What information does your institution have regarding displaced teachers in relation to security? What is being done to solve the problem? Does your institution know how many teachers have been displaced.

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