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Chasis Balai Mekonon tried to transfer more than 6 million dollars (367 million birr) from the bank account of the African Union to another bank account by appearing in person at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branch located in the compound of the African Union They were arrested.

It was learned that the employees of the bank, who suspected the fake payment document, called the officials of the African Union and informed the bank about the payment documents and the amount of money requested to be paid, and asked for the validity of the payment order.

Officials of the African Union have informed that they do not know anything about the said payment document and the union has not issued the said payment order.

Following this, Kasis Balai, who attended the African Union branch of the Ethiopian Commercial Bank with the payment documents, was arrested and handed over to the Federal Police after being arrested by the Union’s security personnel. What did the federal police say to the court?

  • Kasis Balai stated that they appeared in person at the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia branch in the African Union compound with fake payment documents.
  • He said they were arrested by African Union security personnel and handed over to the Federal Police for criminal investigation when they attempted to transfer a total of 6 million 50 thousand dollars to the bank accounts of 3 individuals and 1 private organization.
  • He asked to be given 14 days to conduct further investigation by explaining the suspected criminal act to the hearing.

What are there more than the suspected priest. Although they admitted that they committed the said act, they claimed that they were not involved in any criminal act and asked the court to grant them bail. What is the court saying?

After listening to the arguments of the left and right, the suspect passed the bail request, allowing the police a 7-day investigation period.

I don’t even know where it is. Regarding the killing, it is better to ask him who said he killed him ” – Abba Geda Gobena Hola of Tulma Abba Geda Gobena Hola Ireso said that he heard from social media that his son, a member of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), was killed.

1 week ago in Oromia region, West RC Zone Communication said that the son of Aba Geda Gobena, who is said to be a member of the ‘Shene’ group, “was taken action when he was moving to kill civilians”.

The communication said, “The son of Aba Geda Gobena Hola (Fole Gobena), who was killing the lives of Oromo children, has been taken action for killing the lives of civilians in Asasa district of West RC zone.” Regarding this issue, Abba Geda Gobena Hola gave his word to BBC Afan Oromo. Abba Geda Gobena Hola, what did they say?

  • They stated that they heard the news of their son’s murder through social media and have not received any confirmation yet.
  • Although they did not confirm the death of their son, they did confirm that their son is a member of the armed group of the Oromo Liberation Army, which the government calls ONL-Shene.
  • They stated that their son Fole Gobena is almost 33 years old and it has been 6 years since they saw their son.
  • “It is after 6 years that I saw the photo circulating on social media for the first time a few days ago,” he said.
  • “I know he is in the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), but we have no relationship. I don’t know where he is. Regarding his death, it is better to ask him who said I killed him,” he said.
  • Regarding the accusation brought by the government that their son is going around killing civilians, they said that they know nothing.
  • “I am Father Geda, I am not lying. I have no relationship with my son. We do not talk on the phone. It is the first time after 6 years that I have even looked at his photo.”

Fole Gobena, a member of the Oromo Liberation Army and the 7th son of Aba Gedaw, left home when he was 26 years old, his father said.

In relation to this, Abba Geda Gobena said that government security forces had repeatedly raided his home following his son’s involvement in armed activities.

A few months ago, Abba Geda said that when his house was raided without a court order, the weapons he had inherited from his biological father were taken away, and the incident caused a lot of panic among the family members.

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