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There was a fire at the Aqaki market center of Aqqi Qaliti sub-city in Addis Ababa at around 3 pm yesterday. Addis Ababa Fire and Disaster Management Commission told Tikvah Ethiopia that 6 shops were completely burnt, 10 partially, and 16 shops in total.

Is the cause of the accident known? Ngatu Mamo, the commission’s public relations expert, said, “The police are investigating.” “The police is investigating the damage to the property,” he said.

The commission announced that the market center has been identified as vulnerable to fire, and although it has been presented to the concerned parties, no corrections have been made.

In his response, Mr. Ngatu said, “You are in danger for the mall’s joint stock companies.” We have suggested that the shopping center should be built in a modern way so that your property does not become a victim of accidents. And vice versa for the district.

“The houses are built from combustible materials (tin by tin). The solution we have proposed is to build the market center in a modern way. When we say modern, we mean that it is made from materials such as stone that can withstand fire,” he explained.

Ato Ngatu said, “The fuel that people from the countryside use for Kuraz is clearly a place where liquor barrels are sold in large quantities.” “The business sector; It needs a sector. On the other hand, high-priced electronic goods are being sold, and on the other hand, Katikala business has absolutely no union.

He recalled that the shopping center has suffered frequent accidents, even if there is an accident, since the accident control is not convenient for entering vehicles, and the business sectors are mixed in it, he urged the concerned parties to still pay attention. “The whole thing happened in a rush #I don’t even know if I took the picture that was released on Facebook” – Mrs. Amarech Jacob

It will be remembered that a month ago, news was spread on the government communication pages, government media and social networking pages from these that a female worker was caught red-handed while trying to steal medicine and was arrested. This person’s name is Mrs. Amarech Jacob.

She was on duty at the medical facility where she works in Walayta Zone, Abala Abaya District, and was getting ready to leave for the night when it was said that medicine was missing and she was finally arrested. “But the medicine was found in a gown that did not belong to her,” she told Tikvah Ethiopia.

Mrs. Amarech explained that “she was caught red-handed while stealing medicine” and was rushed to prison and mistreated. At the same time, she said that government communications pages and government media spreading the news on their social pages caused her great psychological damage.

She said that the group of lawyers who reached her while she was in jail finally revealed the truth and set her free. “If they hadn’t reached me, I would have gone to jail for a crime I didn’t commit,” said Ms. Amarek. “When I think about it now, it seems like a dream.”

Ato Mebratu Korkisa, a member of the legal team who gave his word on the matter, said, “The social media campaign against our client violated her right to #freethinking, but when we tried to investigate the situation, we were able to find a lot of suspicious information.” In this way, from asking for the victim’s bail at the High Court of Walyta, “we fought until she was released from prison,” he said.

The other member of the group of lawyers, lawyer and teacher Ato Ababahehu Geta; “The court acquitted her after the testimony of the witnesses who brought the charges against her proved that she did not commit the crime,” he said. He pointed out that even though she has been released now, the defamation that she received has put a lot of psychological pressure on her.

He said that what remains after this is the issue of recovering her name that was lost in the media and asking for compensation for her injuries, which is based on her individual needs.

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