Four monks were injured in the goose administration

Goosebumps It will be remembered that four monks were brutally killed in the ancient and historical monastery of Abune Gebre Ghost Monastery. It should not be forgotten that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church stated that the killing was carried out by “Shene militants”.

It is recalled that at that time, a monk of the monastery who was with the dead was missing. This same monk was found to have links with the militant group that allegedly carried out the murder and is in prison.This was heard a few days ago when the fathers of the monastery spoke on a program that was aired on state television channels about the atrocities committed by the militants in Zzala Monastery.

What happened at the time? Of the 5 monks who were taken from the monastery in February and later called for counselling, one monk survived without being killed and returned to the monastery.

Father Jesus, my grace:”They organized one of us who gave the information in the first place. They are the ones who give them our every piece of information. We did not know this at the time. Even now, the national defense came and hacked their phones saying that the information was like this, and they took out the information from their activities, but we do not know the inside.They make hats like ours. They are manipulative. They survived the father we suspect the defense got the right information.

It is said that they came at night, but Shene accompanied them. After they came half way, they closed their doors and locked themselves outside.At 2 o’clock in the night, the national defense army came and they had to arrest him immediately. They said, “Where is he?” When they went and searched their house, they disappeared. It was locked outside.

Then the door was broken. They broke the guards and found them.Then the defense did the job of calming us down. I am sure that if the national defense did not come at that time, we would not have survived. They are still patrolling the forest. “Father T/Medhan G/Kresem:

“By taking our money, our equipment, we have come to the point where we have lost all our property, even from within ourselves, which has a unified power with them. The defense force was able to take them out with information.””When they did all this, they were not alone. They deployed their own people from the church to do this work. They organized people from the residents and did that work. In the end, those fathers went hostage and the fathers paid sacrifices.

“The most dangerous of those who were conspiring to be arrested. Some have been arrested. “Regarding this issue, His Holiness Abune Gregory said, “In the past, it was the insider who was hurt.””We all know that they were ghosts who pretended to be closer, they pretended to be together, they were pretending to live together with the people of the monastery.

“In the same program, the fathers of the monastery said that the gunmen know where each property is kept with the help of the insiders, and they repeatedly committed robberies.They said that if they reported this to the security forces, they would destroy the church with bombs.

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