General Tadesse Woreda, the Deputy President of the Tigray

“Let them fight by force, let them fight means no peace at all” – Lt. Gen. Tadesse Woreda

Lieutenant General Tadesse Woreda, the Deputy President of the Tigray Interim Administration, They discussed with the federal government to take over the responsibility of restoring the Ethiopian Defense Forces and the Federal Police She told her. He told her that the security forces of the region are on high alert to avoid anything that would violate his peace agreement.

The General recalled the issues raised and the direction to be taken until the African Union-led Strategic Review Period to review the Pretoria peace agreement. From the strategic assessment, he indicated that changes have been introduced.

“Therefore, the excuse is given that ‘it is easy for blacks like Ryan; it is difficult for West Tigray; it is all easy and all difficult No Question Cal Even if it is desirable, it should be implemented properly,” he told her. ” ‘ Let them be strong, let them be strong means that there will be no peace at all,’ he said.

The general said he wants the problems of the temporary administration to be resolved by bringing lasting peace.

“If it were not for the invasion, the Tigray department would have changed everything properly,” she told her. The Tigray security forces are on high alert to avoid acts that violate the agreement, he said.

  • Focus on the rumors that are being spread. As he said, there is no area where we want permission by force. We want Tiret to be freed by the federal government in accordance with its agreement,” he said.
    For the past 5 years, there has been no children’s rehabilitation center in Asmezba. “Now my son has reached his final stage,” she said.

She has been traveling from Hawassa to Addis Ababa since one day and is waiting for surgery and taking sedatives. This caused great shock to his family as he began to bleed from his mouth and nose while he was not able to eat and suddenly his head and his body were in a state of complete exhaustion.

Following this, health professionals immediately ordered surgical procedures and the teacher’s salary and nursing skills left the teacher’s family in debt. The loss of what his family is doing now. She said that she is conveying all the messages to the people of Ethiopia on the issue.

She said with tears that it was not for the facilities and the money. “We want to ensure lasting peace and not to provoke bloody war again Nu entralen ” Blewal.

Amhara Regional State Government issued a statement today; “The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has learned from its historical mistake and launched a fourth round of invasion against our people in complete violation of the Pretoria agreement,” he said.

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