Government of the Amhara region?

The government of the region accused, “The people’s TPLF Harnet Tigray (TPF), which failed to learn from yesterday’s historic mistake, has invaded our people for the fourth round in complete violation of the Pretoria Agreement.” “It is known that the TPLF used the textbooks of Amhara region students as an excuse to officially declare war and provoke them,” he recalled.

The government of the Amhara region described the TPLF as “the enemy and security threat of the whole of Ethiopia” and said that “the federal government has been making repeated efforts to hold talks with the utmost patience in the glimmer of hope that it might learn from the last 3 rounds of bloody war.”

“The government of the Amhara region has repeatedly made several attempts to negotiate with the interim administration of Tigray through the federal government, but the TPLF has abandoned this peace option and invaded the areas of Raya Alamata, Raya Bala, Ofla, Korum and Zata, where there is a question of identity,” he explained. “The TPLF raided:

  • Raya Lamata,
  • Raya Bala,
  • Ofla,
  • Korum and Zata, as well as the areas of Wolkait Ggede and Telemt are the areas where heinous crimes have been committed by the administrative structure and organization that existed before the adoption of the country’s constitution.

“October 24/2013, following the brutal attack by the TPLF against the National Defense Forces, the regions were able to regain their self-governing freedom,” the Amhara regional government said.

After that, the Pretoria Peace Agreement was signed; He pointed out that the TPLF, instead of doing its part to ensure lasting peace in our country by respecting the agreement, has been committing various crimes by completely violating the agreement.

“It’s still happening,” he said.

The government of the Amhara region urged the TPLF to refrain from trying to wage a bloody war and to fully respect the Pretoria agreement. “He asked to leave the areas he occupied in a short period of time.”

“If this does not happen, the government and people of the Amhara region will be forced to work together with other Ethiopian brothers and sisters to save the country from destruction and protect our people from violence,” he warned.

(Full statement attached above)

“They tell me to pay 400 thousand birr. I can’t get this much money from anywhere. I am begging.” – Father. It was said that the Eritrean refugee was taken by unknown people and asked for 400 thousand birr for his release. Father went out begging to get the money.

The Eritrean refugee Mr. Mohamed Usman, who lives in the International refugee shelter established in Chla Kebele, North Gondar Zone, Dabat District, Amhara Region, has stated that his son Aman Mohamed was kidnapped on March 26, 2016.

They indicated that their son was abducted by unknown persons while he was returning from the nearby Dabat school at 10:00. They indicated that the kidnappers were calling every two days and asking them for ransom money.

Father Mohammad said, “They are calling and asking me to pay 400 thousand birr. I can’t get this much money from anywhere. Until this day, I am begging in every church and mosque to collect money for my son’s release. Other refugees are joining me in begging, but no money has been found yet.”

The abductors also said that every time they called, they would hear their son crying. They stated that their son was kidnapped by a 3-legged vehicle commonly called “Bajj” and they reported the license plate number to the police but there is no result yet.

The Ethiopian Refugees and Returnees Service said, “As information has come that a child is missing, it is likely that he was kidnapped, so we are working together with the relevant security agencies to investigate.”

On his part, Mr. Manale Gembneh, the manager of Chla Kebele, pointed out that another teacher’s child was also taken with the child “How did he go? Where did he go? The police are working on it,” said the administrator.

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