“Recently, the hyenas have started to attack people, appear during the day and collect” – Residents “In our Kebele alone, 3 women were eaten by hyenas. 2 of them died, but one survived” – Mr. Markos Buta

It will be remembered that we have shared information about the recent attacks by hungry hyenas in the southern region of Ethiopia. We will not forget to mention the loss of human life and injuries due to hysterical attacks, especially in the Silte zone and around Halaba.

At that time, the residents of Sidama region, Hawassa city, who heard the news that “a herd of hyenas has occurred in central Ethiopia”, sent their messages to Tikvah Ethiopia saying, “The problem is with us and we are concerned about adults as well as children.” Regarding the issue, Tikvah Ethiopia’s Hawassa member spoke to the communities and security agencies in Bushlo, Finch Whana Gemto, etc. kebeles around Hawassa.

Noting that the local residents have started entering their homes on time, the children also expressed fear. They explained that 5 people were attacked by hyenas at different times and 2 children died, 1 child and 4 adults were injured. They also asked the concerned party to give them some solution.

The residents who say that there have been hyenas in the area for a long time, but recently they have been biting people; They expressed that they were surprised that they started showing up during the day and calling #Collect.

Markos Buta, head of Bushlo Kebele peace and quiet office, who gave his word to Tikvah Ethiopia about the issue; “Three children were eaten by hyenas in our kebele alone,” they said. that 2 of them died; They said that one of the children survived the fight at the time and was saved by the treatment given to her.

Mr. Markos, who mentioned that two adults in the neighboring villages managed to survive despite a terrible accident, said that the problem is serious and the security forces are discussing it. He also asked the community to properly implement the warning message given by entering on time.


“It is not as it is rumored; it did not cause more damage than one house” – Hawassa City Peace and Security Office It has been reported that a fire in Hawassa city destroyed an entertainment house and an arrest was made.

Today, around 4 o’clock in the morning, the fire that broke out in the neighborhood commonly known as 05 (crossing the square or in front of Madhanemalem Church/crossing the asphalt) badly destroyed an entertainment house and was arrested.

The fire happened in the house of one of the youths organized by the association and managed by the sale of food and drinks. After the fire, there was chaos in the area, but in the afternoon, everything calmed down and returned to normal activities.

Brother Torba, head of the city’s peace and security department, who gave his word to Tikvah Ethiopia; “As soon as the problem occurred, the Hawassa city municipality and the industrial village fire brigade quickly arrived and controlled it,” he said. “The accident was caused by a fire caused by an electric cable that was in the entertainment house where there was a big accident,” they said. He pointed out that the accident caused damage to the entertainment house.

He said that other people took out their belongings to prevent the fire from spreading to the houses that were in the area when the accident happened, but they later returned to their homes. “Despite the uproar over the situation, people have returned to work,” he added. They said, “The accident is not as bad as it is rumored, and it did not cause more damage than one houseā€¦ They were evaluated and removed, but they were not removed” – Ayele Anaute (Dr.)

A member of the Amhara National Movement (ABN), Ato Tahir Mohammed resigned from the Amhara Regional Culture and Tourism Office for “personal reasons”. We informed you that the other member of the party, Ato Melkamu Tsagaye, was appointed in his place.

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