Kore Zone

“Stop the death of the innocent, let the murderers be brought to justice!! ” – Residents of Dano Kebele. “Two people were injured in the conflict, one of them died” – Tefera Bondoro, head of peace and security in Kore zone.

In the core zone; Dano Kebele lost his life in the conflict caused by the destruction of corn that had arrived since yesterday. The residents of the area said that this act was carried out by armed groups from West Guji zone, Galanana and Suro Barguda district kebeles who infiltrated into Kore zone.

The same militants said, “In the past, farmers have been killed when cattle were driven away from us.” This year alone, #more than 20 people have died. Therefore, he said, “Government should relieve these bodies and bring us to the law/justice. Let the death of the innocent be stopped. Because we have not heard, the conflict continues today.”

They explained that the shooting in the area was started by the armed forces who crossed the border and approached the village. Tefera Bondoro, the Peace and Security Officer of Kore Zone, who gave his word to Tikvah Ethiopia, stated that (at the time he gave his word / afternoon) there was heavy shooting in the area.

They said it was not convenient to respond because they were fighting to defuse the conflict, but they later gave an elaborate response. Armed forces from the West Guji zone have come into conflict with the local farmers by clearing the area and destroying the corn fields.

When someone dies in the conflict; Let me tell you that someone is injured. They said that they do not know anything about the damage caused by those who started the conflict and said that the area is now calm.

What is Tikvah Ethiopia intended for lasting peace? he asked. And he; He said that there will be national defense forces at a certain distance from the area and that they intend to talk to control the route of armed forces in addition to the areas they control.

We have come to know that reconciliation between the conflicted Korena Guji community has been conducted repeatedly according to the local culture, but the reconciliation has not been effective. He tried to get a response through West Guji Zone but failed; Although an attempt was made in the past, no response was found. He can still reply that he has an answer.


A decree imposing up to 5 years of imprisonment on anyone who sells or buys rural land was approved by the House of Representatives today.

The new decree stipulates the same prison sentence for anyone found illegally trespassing on private, public or government property. The decree approved today amends the Rural Land Management and Use Decree issued 18 years ago.

It is said to have improved the rights of farmers, pastoralists and semi-pastoralists on land, and it is said to have included provisions that ensured the rights of women and people seeking support. What does the proclamation contain?

  • Whether any person has sold or bought land; 100 thousand to 200 thousand Birr or 1 year to 5 years rigorous imprisonment or both.

NB. According to the constitution of Efederi, “Land is the common property of Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples which cannot be sold or changed”. The constitution gives ownership of both rural and urban land to “the government and the people”.

  • Any person who illegally invades public or government property; 1 year to 5 years imprisonment or 30 thousand to 100 thousand birr fine.
  • Any person found to have damaged public or government property; 3 years to 7 years imprisonment or 50 thousand to 150 thousand Birr fine.
  • According to the new decree, a person who builds or allows any construction to be built in an unauthorized place will be fined from 1 year to 3 years or fined from 25 thousand to 50 thousand birr.  A person found using the property outside of the land use plan will be fined 1 to 3 years in prison or 25,000 to 50,000 birr.

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