The cost of living

“The cost of living needs a solution. We want a solution” – Esemaco President Kasahun Folo, Ethiopian Confederation of Labor Unions (Esemaco) to reduce labor taxes related to the cost of living; It is known that he is working to establish a wage board that determines the minimum wage floor.

Esemaco President Kasahun Folo told Tikvah Ethiopia that the low salary floor and tax cuts for workers should be responded to in light of the high cost of living. He said, “Ato Kasahun is a worker who only eats once a day.”

He pointed out that these questions should be viewed #positively. Mr. Kasahun said, “Regarding the minimum wage floor, the Ministry of Labor and Skills has recently informed us that they have conducted a study on the issue of setting up a board to determine the minimum wage floor.”

The president pointed out that the worker is in trouble because the cost of living has become very serious. He said, “The true taxpayer is the worker. He is the right hand of the government with the taxes he pays. The tax cut is not one or two. It is late.”

Mr. Kasahun; They informed Ethiopia that the 49th International Labor Day (Mayday) will be celebrated in Ethiopia on April 23rd. “We are still discussing issues that have not been answered. The motto of the day is ‘We seek a solution for peace and the value of life,'” he said.

The Killer

“There is a problem of peace. Workers are kidnapped and killed in some places,” said Ato Kasahun Folo; “How long will this continue? Just like any damage to any society, it is happening to the workers, so a peaceful solution must be found,” they said.

It was said that individuals who received money from the Nok gas station manager were threatened with “We are the security forces; you are wanted for crime.” The criminal trial of the Supreme Court of Oromia region passed the sentence.

The defendants named from the 1st to the 4th ordinary number on March 19, 2015 at 11:00 a.m. stopped a private victim who is the manager of a Nok gas station in the area of Gefersa sub-town in Sheger town, saying “we are security forces, you are wanted for a crime”.

After that, they cover them with stickers so that they cannot be seen from the outside and inside, and put them in the house car they prepared and take them to an area called Melka Nano K/K Anfo. After that, they show the victim a photo of a dead person and threaten him with a weapon, telling him to bring half a million birr and release him.

If he does not pay the money, they threaten him to pay money by saying, “We will take you to the armed forces.” Following this, the private victim tells them that he has 100 thousand in his bank account.

At that time, the 1st defendant, who is the owner of the 5th defendant, made the private victim transfer 100 thousand birr through mobile banking and warned him to bring the remaining 400 thousand birr. The case file explains that the 5th accused along with the 1st accused used the illegally obtained money for personal use by spending different amounts with the intention of hiding the source.

The defendants appeared in court and denied the action and the prosecutor presented the available human witnesses, corroborating and explanatory documents. Since the defendants could not defend the charges against them, the court passed a verdict of guilty.

➡ 1st defendant to be sentenced to 13 years imprisonment and a fine of 3 thousand Birr;

➡ The defendants mentioned from 2nd to 4th ordinary number should be punished with 7 years imprisonment and a fine of 3 thousand Birr each.

➡ The court decided that the 5th defendant should be fined 1 thousand birr and 1 year in prison.
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