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The teachers stopped working saying that they will not work with a hungry gut – South Ethiopian Teachers Association The teachers did not return to work because they were on the professional certification exam ” – Wolaita Zone Education Department Recently, it has been reported that teachers in various districts of Wolayta Zone of Southern Ethiopia have stopped working due to salary.

The teachers have been trying to explain to the concerned parties in different ways, stating that the salary being delayed and cut at different times is an obstacle to their work and a danger to their lives.

One of these teachers is teacher Ashebir; He told Tikvah Ethiopia that he and the teachers in Damot Gele district are bitter because of salary cut and lack of promotion.

Teacher Asheber, who stated that they have been taking half a month’s salary, said that now it is a matter of living and not living for teachers. The President of Southern Ethiopia Regional Teachers Association, Ato Emanuel Paulos, told Tikvah Ethiopia that we have been talking to the authorities through letters and discussions, saying that “the problem will be solved” repeatedly.

He said that the issue is deep-rooted and long-standing and now the teachers have stopped working because “I can’t work with our hungry stomachs”. Teachers explained that they stopped working after the salary was cut by percentage for 16 days this month.

“The problem is the lack of benefits other than salary, such as regular salary, salary increase associated with promotion and step promotion,” he said.

On the other hand, Mr. Emanuel Paulos stressed that the fact that salaries are paid only in cities like Sodo is angering the parents of rural students more than the teachers in the district because their children stay away from school because of this.

Tikvah Ethiopia contacted the Head of Education Department of Wolaita Zone, Ato Tadese Kuman, to respond to the teachers’ complaints. And he; “It is not as it is said, but the payment is delayed only by 8 structures,” he said.

“Now the salary has been paid and the problem has been solved,” they said. After the payment of the salary that was delayed for days, teachers explained that they did not come to work because of the professional certification exam they had.

In addition to this, they responded that there was no salary or benefit problem other than that, stating that sixty percent was paid to only one district due to a salary shortage. Sports Betting / Betting Houses should be banned,” urged the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs. The Ministry presented its 9-month performance report to the school today.

At this time; “Youth addiction is getting worse at the national level, especially negative habits and drugs are spreading as a country,” he explained. He explained that we are losing many young people.

The minister pointed out that sports betting is one of the challenges that are creating a challenge in the development of the youth. Sports Betting’ existing guidelines, rules; They should be banned based on research,” he explained.

He stressed that the parliament should help in this regard. Income is one thing. “Country must earn income,” said the office, but He explained that it should be banned because it is having a negative impact on the youth, because it is losing many young people, and because it is breaking up many families.

Standing Committee on Health, Social Development, Culture and Sports Affairs of the University; “The National Lottery has seen it with income. This is causing another problem,” he said.

Addis Ababa city administration praised the recent action against service providers engaged in sports betting as “good work”. It should be taken from experience in other areas, he suggested.

Ministry of Women and Social Affairs; He advised to see the situation of young people in relation to sports betting as a future focus and to conduct strong monitoring. Earlier, the Ministry of Women and Social Affairs has stated that it believes that sports betting is ‘gambling’ and called for it to be banned.

But the National Lottery Administration; He stated that he does not believe that “Betting” is a “game” but a “gambling”. He also explained that betting is profitable and provides employment to many young people and makes money move in a big way. “We have provided the game and the player must play responsibly,” he said, stating that instructions have been issued for him to lead in a systematic manner.

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